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Integration meeting Erasmus 2013


On 14th of November, students of our university, had an excellent opportunity to get along with our exchange students from Turkey! At this point we would like to thank our lecturers, Mrs Iwona Puścian and dr Irena Czwenar, who did their best to enable us to show our full potential.

    What needs to be said about our little get-together, is that we organized a lot of fantastic games and competitions e.g. Chinese whispers, tongue twisters and many more. Everything started with a little introduction of hosts and our guests. Then we had a few hilarious competitions in which audience had to participate. Everything was going smoothly without any problems.
    Of course, we also got some lovely competitions from our guests!
There were a lot of various games, which I bet many people did not know about. For example, dodging strings while blindfolded, or incredibly hard tongue twisters, some of them I am not even able to describe because of their complexity.
    Moreover, our technicians were taking care of audio systems, and our colleagues gave a splendid show on a guitar.
    After all, we had a terrific night and it is pretty sad that it came to an end. I hope that everybody participating was having fun and will have good memories.


Great thanks to L.S. for the photographic service.

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